How Eco Friendly Air Conditioning Helps The Environment

How Eco Friendly Air Conditioning Helps The Environment

How Eco Friendly Air Conditioning Helps The Environment

As climate issues become more jarring, it can be difficult to balance your own comfort and convenience with making the right green choices. Technology offered at OSI Comfort Specialists provides both, so that you don’t have to make difficult decisions about your home or business’s energy consumption. Eco friendly air conditioning allows your home to have the best central AC units or ductless split units in the market, while still minimizing its carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon footprint mitigates damage on the environment, saves you money on those monthly energy bills, and allows you to live with a positive sense of right doing in your decisions. 

Curtail Your Carbon Footprint

When using most of today’s current technology, the more energy utilized, the greater the amount of fossil fuels that is output. A great deal of our daily activities require energy consumption- everything from the hot water that runs out of your shower, to engine that powers your vehicle when you commute to work, to the wire that charges the device you’re reading this article on. The more energy an activity uses, generally the greater the quantity of fossil fuels are emitted. Heating and cooling are highly energy-intensive processes, which cause them to be among some of the most environmentally costly activities in homes and businesses. Fortunately, the amount of energy consumed and fossil fuels emitted can be drastically minimized through careful structural design that makes heating and cooling systems more efficient. 

Maximize Efficiency in Your Cooling Systems With The Best Central AC Units

One of the simplest steps you can take to increase your home’s efficiency and decrease its carbon footprint is to upgrade. If you haven’t upgraded your home’s heating or cooling system in a while, chances are that technology has improved exponentially since the last time you had it installed. New and improved technology in eco friendly air conditioning can boost efficiency by over 35%. You will see these changes proportionally reflected in your monthly energy bill, helping you save money! There are a number of components to your system that could be optimized: the water boiler, furnace, heat evaporator, condensing unit, refrigerant lines, ducts, and vents. At OSI Comfort Systems, our experienced analysts will inspect every inch of your heating or cooling system to diagnose problems and pinpoint areas that need improvement. From there, our team can work to give your home or business the best cooling or air quality system it’s ever had. 

Secrets of the Sun: Passive Solar Design

Apart from installing the best central AC units or cooling system the industry offers, there are other steps you can take to keep heat in during the winter and block it out during warmer months. This mix of methods falls under the umbrella of what is called “passive solar design”. Passive solar includes simple changes to the layout of a building or its spatial components to manipulate sunlight to its advantage. For example, keeping blinds and shades shut during the summer creates a barrier to sunlight, forcing it to be reflected rather than absorbed by the house. Strategically planting trees can provide a similar effect when leaves grow in the spring and provide shade to a house. The reflective properties of leaves cause the sun’s rays to bounce right off their surfaces, rather than being absorbed and dispersed through the house. Planting trees due west of west-facing windows can reduce your air conditioning bills by up to 25 percent! In the winter, those leaves will fall off and allow sunlight to penetrate through the building.

There are many ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your home, whether it be through smaller, passive changes, or more active changes, like installing a brand new, eco friendly air conditioning system. Whichever route you decide, Contact OSI Comfort Specialists at 516-763-1400. 

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