The Importance of Maintaining Your Home Heating System All Year

The Importance of Maintaining Your Home Heating System All Year

The Importance of Maintaining Your Home Heating System All Year

When temperatures climb above 70 degrees and another beach day is upon you the last thing you may be thinking about is your home heating system. However, on winter days like these, you’ll be glad you remembered the importance of heating system maintenance year-round. With professionally-conducted HVAC system maintenance and regular inspections from a dependable company like OSI Comfort Specialists, your home will be warm and toasty all fall and winter. Here are the key reasons to maintaining your home heating system all year:

Less Emergency Repairs 

The last thing you want is to walk into a freezing home on a cold fall or winter day. Although you may not have realized, your heating system may have been on the decline for months now. That is why maintaining your home heating system throughout the year can be a lifesaver. Experienced technicians can often catch emerging problems before they impact your home’s temperature. And remember: No matter how handy you are, it’s always important for your safety to call in an expert technician to look at the complex systems that support your home. 

Energy Efficiency 

When maintaining your home heating system you are actually improving its energy efficiency. Regular maintenance visits ensure the mechanics of your heating system remain lubricated and work more efficiently. This is due to the fact that less energy will be required in the long run. Additionally, changing or even cleaning out filters also aids energy efficiency. Instead of air going through a clogged, dirty filter, it will easily circulate clean air. 

Equipment Life Span 

Let’s face it – getting a new heating system is usually not an ideal situation. Unlike buying a new car or furniture, there isn’t a luxury or aesthetic aspect involved. With that being said, you want your equipment to continue functioning as long as possible. When you receive a visit from a company like OSI Comfort Specialists your equipment is thoroughly checked and cleaned. Experienced technicians can help catch any issues that have the potential to become bigger ones. If caught early, they are often easier to fix. 

Air Quality 

Poor air quality can negatively impact you and your family’s comfort and health. If your furnace is dirty, so is the air moving through it. Regular maintenance ensures clean and freer air flow. Even if your heating system is working, filters should be cleaned on a regular basis by a technician. Since your filter traps allergens like pollen, dust, and pet dander, cleanings prevent you from breathing all of that in. 

A Safer Home 

In addition to comforts like better air quality and a consistently warm home, regular maintenance makes your home a safer place. As a result, you’re less likely to experience a furnace fire or carbon monoxide emissions. You can literally rest easier knowing your heating system is in working order. 

OSI Comfort Specialists Keep Your Heating System Running Smooth 

OSI Comfort Specialists provides the very best in home comfort service. Our customers have the most comfortable homes and the lowest fuel consumption because we provide the most modern equipment and the most thorough maintenance services. Our experienced technicians take pride in the efficiency of their regular maintenance visits that keep your heating system in tip top shape. Contact us at today at (516) 763-1499 and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives about your home heating system.

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