The Must Have Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

The Must Have Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

The Must Have Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

You’re spending more time at home these days and the warmer weather is slowly approaching.  You may have an existing central air conditioning system that needs an upgrade.  Or you may be considering removing your old window and wall air conditioners and purchasing a new central air conditioning system. One of the top features home buyers look for in a home is central air conditioning, because of the many benefits it produces. So, before the humidity and hot weather is upon us, it might be a good time to upgrade your existing system or invest in a new one. 

Look Good, Feel Good

First and foremost, the first thing most people will notice about a home is how it looks. Let’s be honest,  looks matter for a variety of reasons. The environment someone lives in can say a lot about them. Having silent, discrete central air conditioning rather than loud, clunky wall air conditioners will immediately improve the aesthetic of your home. This will not only make a better impression on guests but also on yourself. Studies show that your surroundings greatly impact your mood and that creating a pleasant space is key to helping you thrive. Having central air as your air cooling system will free up space, maintain peace and quiet, and uphold the beauty of your home.

Install Central Air Conditioning for Top-Notch Air Quality

Central air has become the standard cooling system for many residents and businesses. People have grown to prefer and expect it because of how beneficial it is for the purposes of air quality.  A central air conditioner is like having built-in air filters to remove any unwanted particles from the air. Common particles include dust, chemical particulates, pet dander, and mold spores. Switching to central air conditioning could mean improving the air quality of your home exponentially. 

Increase Energy Efficiency 

The decision to install central air will work wonders for your home’s energy efficiency. If you currently have a very outdated cooling system or haven’t updated it in a while, and choose to install a new central air conditioning system, you’ll boost your energy efficiency by at least 30%. Instead of cooling each room with a separate wall air conditioner, central air cools multiple rooms at once. Updating your air system is one simple way to increase energy efficiency, save on energy bills, and curtail your carbon footprint!

A Financially Lucrative Choice 

Most people like to earn money and save money. The choice to install central air will be financially advantageous for a multitude of reasons. As mentioned before, energy savings will start to appear on monthly energy bills upon updating to central air. Adding central air to your home can also be considered as an investment because it will likely add significant weight to your home’s resale value. This is a feature that home buyers look for, and many won’t even consider a home if it doesn’t have central air! Installing central air will save you money in the immediate short term, as well as years down the line.

If you want to increase the value of your home, enjoy greater comfort and convenience, save money, and improve air quality, energy efficiency, and the beauty of your home, make the decision to install a new central air conditioning system today or upgrade your existing one. Call OSI Comfort Specialists at 516-763-1400.

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