3 Steps You Can Take To Prepare Your AC System For Summer

3 Steps You Can Take To Prepare Your AC System For Summer

3 Steps You Can Take To Prepare Your AC System For Summer

Preparing Your AC System For Summer

While we usually start thinking about our air conditioning units at the beginning of June, it’s actually best to plan ahead. We don’t normally associate Spring with any need for air conditioning, but since most air conditioning contractors become very busy during the summer months, it’s best to get preparations out of the way during the Spring and get ahead of the crowd! There are a few important steps you can take during the Spring to lighten the load of your Summer checklist. Below we have outlined the 3 important steps to prepare your AC system during the spring months.

Schedule An Off-Season Tune-Up

Since the calls for maintenance contractors can pile up during the summer months, it’s best to get yours out of the way during the off-season. Scheduling a tune-up for your air conditioning units is a great way to save money and increase your systems energy efficiency. Old systems usually consist of outdated technology and end up being a less efficient choice. In addition to model and technological efficiency, size can also be an important factor to note. Your air conditioning system should be the right size for your home, in order to reach maximum efficiency. If you schedule a system tune-up with a reliable contractor during the Spring season, you will ensure that your system is up and running in tip-top shape during Summer, when you need it the most!

Maintain Orderliness of Your System

If you can maintain the orderliness of your air conditioning system year-round, this will greatly minimize the amount of work you have to put in when summertime arrives. This includes changing the filters regularly upon inspection. If they look dirty, change them to improve air quality and efficiency. This should be done every three months at a minimum. In addition to changing filters, you should check the areas around your air conditioning units. If they have debris and leaves accumulating around them, it is a good idea to trim nearby bushes and wipe away leaves and dirt to improve airflow. Maintaining cleanliness goes for all components of your air conditioning system, including the ducts, pipes, and blower components. The cleaner, the better!

Manage the Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to prepare your AC system for summer is to install a programmable thermostat. Modern technology allows for homeowners to pre-program the temperatures of their homes to save energy and money. This way, settings can be adjusted to keep you comfortable at home and save money when nobody’s home. Many thermostats have a programming setting. Check to see if your thermostat has one. If so, you’re in business! All you have to do is program the one you already have according to your family’s schedule, and it will save a significant amount of energy. Who knew that such simple changes could have such a significant impact.

To schedule your Spring air conditioning system tune-up, call OSI Comfort Specialists at 516-763-1400. We are still operating and complying with CDC, state government, and federal government guidelines to operate with the utmost safety and convenience for our customers. Our staff wants to help you prepare your AC system so you can remain safe, healthy, and cool this Summer!

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