Get your Pool Ready for Summer

get your pool ready for summer

Get your Pool Ready for Summer

Warmer days are coming and it’s the perfect time to get your pool ready for summer. Before you jump in, you want to make sure your pool is prepared to come out of hibernation. From cleaning and checking chemicals to installing or updating a heating system, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to get swimming sooner.

Do a Deep Cleaning

Before you can really dig into the quality of your water and systems, it’s important to clean the pool. The best way to start is by skimming the surface and then vacuuming the bottom. Removing algae and debris will give you a clean slate to work with and get you back in the water in no time. The best rule of thumb is to vacuum your pool slowly and overlap your lines across the bottom of the pool. Removing algae and debris can be done easily with brushes and skimmers but be sure to use the best one for your type of pool.

Check your Chemicals

Pool chemicals have expiration dates and before using them it’s important to make sure they didn’t expire during the winter. Once you know the dates are good to go you can start to do balance checks and then monitor regularly throughout the season. According to the CDC, maintaining recommended chlorine levels will prevent most bacterial outbreaks such as E. coli. Follow state and local government regulations in regard to optimal chemical levels. Once you have a system in place to protect your pool and your swimmers, you’re good to go! 

Install (or Update) your Pool Heating System

You want your pool to be a comfortable temperature when you jump in which is why it’s important to have great pool heating equipment. Work with a professional to turn your pool into a warm, inviting oasis right in your backyard. They’re trained to assess the size and location of your pool and suggest your best heating option within your budget. 

With a professional company you can count on, you’ll have an expert ready to install and maintain the heater to optimize efficiency. You want to maintain comfortable water temperatures, especially during early morning, evening, or late season swims so you can get the most out of your pool. Knowing you have a professional company on your side gives you peace of mind in having a pool that will be the perfect temperature all season long. 

Do a Safety Check

Having backyard pools is an awesome way to enjoy summer at home but they can also pose a safety hazard. The best way to prevent an accident is to start with a safety check at the beginning of every summer season. Inspect your pool barriers and take a walk around your property looking at the pool from every angle. Checking locks and gates will make sure your pool is safe and protected. 

OSI Comfort Specialists is the company you can count on to bring warmth and comfort to your pool. Get your pool ready for summer with our team of experts and enjoy swimming in no time. We provide pool heating equipment, service, and installations in the Long Island New York area. 

If you want to get your pool ready for summer, schedule an appointment with OSI Comfort Specialists. Call us at 516-763-1400. We follow strict safety precautions and are complying with CDC, state government, and federal government guidelines to operate with the utmost safety and convenience to our customers. 

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