Top Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier

benefits of a whole home humidifier

Top Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier

Winter is just around the corner and many people seem to get sick as the weather becomes colder. Did you know that adding a whole home humidifier can help you stay healthy during the cold and flu season? The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you keep your relative humidity between 30-50%. In order to achieve maximum comfort and benefits, a whole home humidifier could be just what you need.

A whole home humidifier can help reduce your risk for illness

Humidifiers are designed to raise the moisture level in your home which improves comfort and health. Low humidity is known to irritate your sinuses and throat which only progresses cold and flu symptoms. It’s also known that some viruses live longer in lower humidity, so a humidifier can help you avoid giving illnesses room to breed. If you do happen to get sick during colder months, having higher humidity levels in the home can help you feel better quicker.

One common misconception about humidifiers is that they have standing water. There is actually no reservoir of standing water, so there is no risk of breeding microbial organisms. They are incredibly easy and safe to use, and the health benefits are significant. Avoid having an overly dry environment in your home that would make you more susceptible to illness and consider adding a whole home humidifier.

Humidifiers do wonders for your skin

Many people know that the use of saunas, steam rooms, and drinking multiple cups of water a day all lead to good skin. If you spend enough time in an environment with low humidity, your skin may become cracked or rough. A whole house humidifier gives you higher moisture levels in the home leaving you with softer, healthier skin.

Achieve a warmer home with a whole home humidifier

Air that is properly humidified feels warmer and more comfortable than dry air. This allows you to set the thermostat to a lower temperature and can help reduce heating bills during colder months. Control the humidity levels through your thermostat similar to how you control your heat and air conditioning. It’s easier to use and has some incredible benefits.

You can find small humidifiers in any drugstore, but they only help to achieve warmth and comfort in individual rooms. A whole home humidifier allows you to set the levels of moisture in your home so no matter where you spend your time, you are comfortable and receiving the health benefits a higher level of humidity provides.

At OSI Comfort Specialists, our whole home humidifier is designed to make winter more comfortable. It works with a heating system to raise the moisture level and requires minimal upkeep so you can feel cozy at home without the headache of constant maintenance. In addition to the benefits listed above, a humidifier also works wonders at safeguarding your home and furnishing against the damaging effects of over-dry air. To improve the quality of your indoor air, give us a call at 516-763-1400 today.

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