4 Benefits of Radiant Heat

4 Benefits of Radiant Heat

4 Benefits of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is defined by energy.com as the effect you feel when you can feel the warmth of a hot stove top element from across the room. This type of heating provides exceptional comfort and energy efficiency and is a great solution for cold winter weather. Traditional heating relies on small heat surfaces and high temperature heat. Alternatively, radiant heating uses large emitters such as tile floors.

You can install this type of heating in a wide variety of surfaces including walls and some radiators. Most often you will find radiant heating installed in floors. Through small pipes carrying heated water, the floor itself becomes a heating element. This means anything that comes in contact with the heater as well as the room itself becomes warm. There are many benefits to choosing radiant heating. It is clean, quiet, efficient and dependable and can be a cost-effective way to heat your home.

Radiant heat works both indoors and out

While you’ll most often spot radiant heating in floors, it can work beautifully in many other areas. Inside your home, radiant heating can go under tile, marble, wood, carpet and concrete floors as well as inside walls and ceilings. You can also choose to install it outdoors specifically in walkways and driveways. Heating these areas can be a convenient way to melt snow and ice and reduce the amount of shoveling and safety hazards during heavy storms.

Can help save you money

Radiant heating can be much more efficient than other heating systems helping you save up to 40% in energy costs. Forced-air heating systems and baseboard heating require a lot of efficiency. With radiant heating you get a warm home with a lot less energy required from the system. This means you can save money on heating bills without compromising on consistent, efficient warmth.

It is clean and healthy

With radiant heat you’ll find you have much better air quality with an abundance of fresh air. Unlike other heating systems, you’ll have no drafts or fans blowing dust, dirt or allergens into your home. For those who suffer with seasonal allergies, this is a huge plus, making your air cleaner and easier to breathe. Your system will be safely tucked away and hidden so it keeps your space safe for young ones and gives you the freedom to utilize your whole room.

Helps you eliminate noise

Radiant heating offers a quiet solution to achieving a warm home. Through eliminating noisy fans, popping ductwork and pinging pipes, these inaudible systems keep your home warm without noisy distractions.Our team of experts at OSI Comfort Specialists, has been providing home heating services for more than 70 years. We work with some of the world’s leading makers of heating equipment because we care about offering our customers the best options for warmth on the market. With our heating systems we know how to keep you comfortable efficiently and economically and always have technicians on call 24/7. If you or someone you know is looking for a heating solution or service plan in the Long Island area, give us a call at 516-763-1400.

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