Why OSI Recommends Eco-Friendly Heating

Why OSI Recommends Eco-Friendly Heating

Why OSI Recommends Eco-Friendly Heating

Heating costs can be astronomical during colder months, especially in northern states like New York. Not only do we see higher bills, but not all heating systems are great for our environment. With so many people spending time at home and a need to be mindful of our environment, there has never been a more appropriate time to use eco-friendly heating at home than the year 2020. 

At OSI Comfort Specialists we help customers reduce their costs and carbon footprint with high efficiency systems. We think it’s important to offer trusted products that both keep you comfortable at home and are environmentally friendly. By using high efficiency boilers, biofuel and ultra-low sulfur fuel we have many options to help our customers go green. If you can help the environment while also cutting back on costs, switching to eco-friendly heating is a no brainer. 

High efficiency boilers are great for eco-friendly heating 

Older boilers and furnaces on average have AFUE ratings lower than 60%. High-efficiency boilers on the other hand, typically have ratings between 86%-95%. These high-efficiency boilers help reduce prices and even produce fewer emissions benefiting everyone (including the environment)!

Upgrading an older system to a high efficiency boiler is one of the best ways to burn a lot less fuel. Not only do you save money on bills, but you can reduce your emissions. High efficiency oil and gas fired boilers are among the most economical, environmentally friendly choices. They keep your home comfortable and cut your monthly heating bill, so you start saving the day you switch over. 

Biofuel is a great way to sustainably heat your home

Another way to reduce costs and your carbon footprint while increasing efficiency is biofuel. According to ItStillRuns.com, biofuels are combustive fuels made from recently harvested plants. They work much like fossil fuels: they burn when ignited, releasing energy that can be converted to motion in a car, or heat for a house. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil burns cleaner because of its lower sulfur content. It also increases efficiency resulting in lower maintenance costs. These fuels are incredibly powerful in both keeping you and your family warm at home and helping the environment. 

How to determine the best choice for your home or business

There are many different products out there, that’s why our team of professionals will help you find the ideal solution for you. Our team will perform an expert analysis based on your current usage and assess potential savings. This will help you determine how your home or business can benefit from a high efficiency boiler and your overall saving potential.

If you’re ready to transition over to eco-friendly heating, our team at OSI Comfort Specialists is here to help. We are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum comfort in your home and can help you go green while doing it. With many Energy Star certified options available, improving the heating system in your home is easier than ever before with assistance from OSI Comfort Specialists. If you’re in the Long Island area and looking to switch to eco-friendly heating, give us a call at 516-763-1400. 

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