How Does Central Air Conditioning Work

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How Does Central Air Conditioning Work

If you’re looking to efficiently cool down your home as hot summer days approach, central air conditioning is a great option to consider. Energy-efficient central air conditioners are some of the best systems available that not only keep you comfortable at home but can also reduce energy consumption. These systems are so great in fact that energy.gov states that in addition to being out of the way, quiet, and convenient, central air conditioners are more efficient than room air conditioners. While most people have heard of central air conditioning before, very few know just how these systems work. Keep reading to learn the basics of how central air conditioning works.

Your thermostat gets the cycle started

If you’ve ever been in a home with central air conditioning that made a slight noise and then “jumped” into gear, you’ve experienced the first part of its cycle. Thermostats connected to your central air conditioner detect the temperature inside your home and, if it reaches below a certain level, kicks into gear to lower the temperature. The blower motor inside your house and the condenser which sits outside of your house both turn on and the cycle begins. Once the sequence starts, the air-handling unit kicks on and pulls room air in from various parts of the house through return air ducts.

Warm air turns cool before coming back out

The warm air that your system has pulled from your home is then cooled with refrigerant that lives inside your system. The air handler pulls the warm air across evaporator coils in the unit where the refrigerant does its job turning that warm air into cool air. Air that has been cooled is then pushed back into your home through open air vents and within minutes your home is cooled down. Even though this sounds like the end of the cycle, you may still be wondering just how your compressor outside comes into play.

Where did the heat go?

While the refrigerant does wonders for cooling down air, the heat doesn’t just disappear immediately. Instead, the refrigerant absorbs the heat which is then pushed to the condenser that lives outside of your home, generally on your roof or in your backyard. The condenser takes that heated refrigerant and pushes it across another set of coils in order to cool it down even more before pushing it back into your house until you reach your desired temperature.

Benefits of central air conditioning

Central air conditioning is one of the most popular methods for cooling down homes, especially in the United States. These efficient systems are built to instantly cool and give you, as the homeowner, the ultimate control over your comfort level at home. Because these systems have grown in popularity over the past few years, today’s best systems cool more effectively than older systems while also using less energy and generating less noise.

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