4 Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

4 Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

Summer is officially here and while it’s always fun to enjoy sunny days outside, there is no greater feeling than stepping into a cool home after a long hot day. With average temperatures in New York in the 80’s, finding ways to keep cool can be a game changer. In addition to having a high-efficiency air conditioning system, we put together four great tips you can use to keep cool this summer.

Clear the area around air conditioning vents

It’s always wise to schedule a seasonal tune up for your air conditioner before the hottest days of the summer. Take this opportunity to check the area around your vents for any clutter that may be preventing optimal air flow. Oftentimes throughout the year furniture and knick-knacks get moved around the house. Spring cleaning in preparation for a hot summer is the perfect excuse to declutter and ensure you clear any furniture, rugs, or home accessories away from air conditioning vents. Allowing your vents to have plenty of room to blow cool air out without any obstruction will help your rooms get cooler in no time.

Cook more meals outside on the grill

Conventional ovens are great for both cooking hearty, delicious dinners and warming up your kitchen. While this is ideal for cozy holiday get-togethers, when you’re looking to stay cool during hot summer months this can be a bit of a challenge. Instead of using your oven to cook every meal during the summer, try heading outside and firing up the grill. Get creative with a build your own burger night or try a new combination of meat and veggie kabobs for a great meal that doesn’t heat up your home. Other great alternatives to cooking in the oven include using the stovetop or opting for light meals that don’t require heat like salads, sandwiches, and fruit.

Keep rooms shady when you’re not using them

Blinds, drapes, and shades are all ideal for keeping sun out of your home. While letting light in may be great, especially if you spend a lot of time in certain rooms, you might want to consider closing the blinds in rooms you rarely use. Rooms like guest rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and formal dining rooms aren’t used all the time and could be a great place to start. Cutting down sun exposure throughout the home, in addition to a high-efficiency air conditioner will both work together to make you feel amazing when you come home after a sweaty day outside.

Plant shade trees strategically around your house

While this may not be the most immediate solution, planting shade trees can make a massive difference over time to help cool your home. By planting trees west of west-facing windows you could reduce your air conditioning bills by up to 25%! Trees are great for providing natural shade as well as add some curb appeal to your property. Not only is this a fun project for the whole family to enjoy, but you’ll reap the benefits of these natural shades for years to come.

Air conditioning in New York

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your air conditioner or just want to take advantage of these helpful tips, there are plenty of ways to stay cool this summer. From installations and upgrades to preventative maintenance, repairs, and service contracts, look no further than OSI Comfort Specialists to help you stay cool at home this summer. We are located in Oceanside, NY and service the surrounding areas including Nassau, Western Suffolk, and parts of Queens. If you’re ready to service your air conditioning unit or want to learn more about installing a new one, give us a call at 516-763-1400!

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