Why You Should Schedule Your Heating Tune Up During Summer

Why You Should Schedule Your Heating Tune Up During Summer

With the days getting a little shorter and nights a little cooler, it’s easy to tell that fall is just around the corner. Even though summer is still here for a few more weeks and indoor heating may be far from your mind, it is actually the ideal time to schedule your heating system tune up. Read on to find out a few of the top benefits of scheduling your tune up early.


Scheduling is easier in the summer


Since summer is the off-season for heating, scheduling an appointment is much easier. Companies like OSI Comfort Specialists are gearing up for a busy fall and winter season for heating and with an early appointment or advance schedule, you can be rest assured you’re nice and cozy when the cold days settle in.


Be warm as soon as you need to


Everyone knows the feeling when the first very cold day of winter hits and it can be a pain when that’s the day you discover your heat isn’t working. Because the cold day hits everyone at the same time, you likely won’t be alone in needing help and the wait time could be quite long. If you’re already tuned up and ready to go, you can be ready to turn on your heat with confidence that you and your family are able to get warm right when you need to.


You can fix any issues early on


While no one anticipates a break or repair need for their heating system, it can happen and it’s better to happen when you don’t need it than when you really do. If you have your system tuned up before the cold kicks in and discover there is something that needs to be repaired, you’re in good shape. Because there is plenty of time before you need it, the team can go to work fixing it when you don’t need the heat yet. This helps ensure there is no hiccup in your heat flow when it comes time to turn it on.


One more thing checked off your to-do list


Every year as fall ushers in schedules inevitably get much busier. With school back in session, summer vacations coming to a close, and the holidays fast approaching, to-do lists tend to grow exponentially. If you take care of service appointments like a heating system tune up in the summer or early fall, you can check one more thing off your list so when the schedule fills up, you’re not worrying about being comfortable at home!


Heating tune up in New York


New York winters can be no joke with temperatures averaging between 26 and 43 in January and February. If you’re looking to avoid the rush and want to ensure your heater is ready to go as soon as the cold sets in, our team at OSI Comfort Specialists is here to help! If you live in Oceanside, NY or the surrounding areas including Nassau, Western Suffolk, and parts of Queens, plan ahead and schedule your appointment by calling 516-763-1400!

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