How to Prepare Your Home for New York Winters

How to Prepare Your Home for New York Winters

With temperatures dropping to an average in the mid-30’s every January, New York winters can be brutal and having a plan to prepare for the cold months can make a world of difference. From checking the status of your HVAC system and drainage to cleaning your gutters and sealing your masonry and hard surfaces, there are a few key things you can do to set yourself up for a warm and comfortable winter.

Have your HVAC system maintenance done before the cold sets in

The Washington Post put together a checklist to use to prepare your home for winter and it comes as no surprise that checking your home’s heating system is at the top of the list. HVAC service companies get flooded with requests for maintenance and repairs during cold months, so the sooner you set up a maintenance appointment, the better. Gain peace of mind with a professional checkup and catch any potential repair needs when the weather is warm so you are confident your heating system will work efficiently when you need it.

Seal any potential drafty spaces

Windows and doors that don’t have a tight seal might not feel like a big deal during warm summer months, but when the chill sets in they can let in some unwanted cold air. As you prepare for winter take a look around your home at the gaps between door frames, siding and windows to see if they are wide enough to need another application of caulk. If you’re looking for a solution that won’t shrink due to the elements, try silicone caulk which is notorious for being great for exterior use.

Stock up on winter essentials

Everyone knows that the time to buy a shovel is not during a snowstorm, it’s better to have one ready when you need it. Head to the store early and stock up on cold-weather essentials like shovels, ice melt, snowblowers, and other tools and goods you may need when it gets cold. With a back stock ready to go, you’ll be set for success when the snow starts coming down and avoid the risk of stores being sold out or raised prices.

Clean out your gutters

Gutters can get full of debris, especially during fall when leaves are shedding off trees, and this can cause water backup and potential leaks and ice dams. Spend some time checking out your gutters for anything that may be causing clutter or back up and clean them out to help ensure you’re good to go for cold icy days. During the process of checking for debris, you can also check for any missing or damaged gutters which will help you avoid costly repairs later down the road.

HVAC specialists New York

With winter right around the corner, it’s important to work with a company you can trust to have your best interest at heart and the expertise to help your systems run in tip top shape. At OSI Comfort Specialists we carry only the best in new and replacement HVAC products and specialize in maintenance and repairs of all products we carry. To discuss HVAC services and schedule your maintenance appointment today ahead of the rush, give us a call at 516-763-1400.


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