4 Benefits of Regular Heating System Maintenance

4 Benefits of Regular Heating System Maintenance

Every homeowner knows that having a heating system break in the middle of a storm or on an extremely cold night can be one of the worst feelings. So, it’s surprising that only about 40% of homeowners perform routine maintenance on their HVAC systems. This low number could be the result of many people not understanding the benefits of routine maintenance. From peace of mind to enhanced air quality, there are a few crucial advantages to setting up routine heating system maintenance.

Gain peace of mind

Having a heating system that you can rely on is important. When you schedule regular maintenance appointments every year, you gain peace of mind that your system is in tip top shape and ready to spring into action when you need it to. Gain confidence that your heating system will operate at peak performance when you need it the most with preventative routine maintenance scheduled before winter really sets in.

Extend the life of your heating system

Maintenance not only helps you gain peace of mind that you’ll be comfortable when the cold weather sets in, but it also helps to extend the life of your heating system. Trained technicians know how to detect potential breakage so you can fix problems right away and avoid costly and major repairs later down the line. Gain years of optimum performance with a heating system that is clean and in good condition.

Enhance your air quality

The EPA states that indoor levels of airborne pollutants may be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Since heating systems circulate air throughout your home to help you achieve the environment and temperature you need to be comfortable, it’s important to ensure warm air pumping through your home is as clean as possible. Older equipment or systems that haven’t been cleaned often can push air through your duct work that carries loose particles like pet dander, dust, pollen, bacteria, and more. Trained technicians will check and clean your heating system during maintenance which will help enhance the quality of air circulating through your home.

Save energy

Heating systems that are neglected or haven’t been checked in a while have to work much harder than necessary in order to keep your home at a comfortable and warm temperature. This added stress makes your system have to work harder and therefore burns through energy at a much higher rate than a brand-new system or one that is being checked by a trained technician regularly.


Less energy not only helps your system perform at its best, but it also helps improve the environment and lower your monthly bill. A system that has higher efficiency can make a huge difference on your monthly expenses as energy bills are known to jump up during winter months.

Heating system maintenance in New York

If you’re ready to schedule your heating system maintenance at your home in New York, our team at OSI Comfort Specialists is here to help. With over 70 years of providing home heating services, our team has repaired thousands of heating systems in emergency conditions, and we know how to keep you comfortable efficiently and economically. To discuss HVAC services and schedule your maintenance appointment today ahead of the winter rush, give us a call at 516-763-1400.


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