How to Maximize Your Heat at Home During Cold Months

How to Maximize Your Heat at Home During Cold Months

Even though snowy days are beautiful and serene, cold days during winter in New York can be brutal, especially when temperatures drop below freezing at night. While heaters are working at full blast, there are some great ways to help maximize the heat in your home without taxing your HVAC. From quick fixes and simple tricks to a few fun investments that can make a lasting impact, keep reading to learn how to make your home as cozy as possible during cold months while helping to cut back on high heating bills.


Clear clutter around vents


If you have furniture or clutter blocking even a portion of a vent, you may be making it difficult for heat to get into the room. Take a walk around the house and move any couches, chairs, and tables away so you can help your ventilation and ensure your room is heating as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


Invest in rugs and blankets


Rugs and blankets can be a great way to help your style pop while also remaining efficient and cozy at home. Try adding some bigger or new rugs to rooms that have tile or hardwood flooring to keep your feet toasty and help keep a room warm from top to bottom.


Turn on your fireplace


Fireplaces are beautiful for home décor and are often used as a focal point in a room, but many people forget just how functional they can be. Whether you have an electric, gas, or wood burning fireplace, turning this on can heat your home in minutes and add an amazing ambiance to any room. The benefits of having a fireplace also go far beyond a cheaper heating source. They can be environmentally friendly and add value to your home. A fireplace is also a great option in case of an emergency when unexpectedly losing power.


Close your curtains at night


While letting the sunlight shine in your home during the day is a great way to add warmth, during the night it can have a different effect.  Window seams have a tendency of letting in a draft of air.  If the air is cold outside it can bring that cold air in and have an adverse effect. Make sure to close your curtains after the sun sets to keep the hot air in and keep the curtains closed in rooms you don’t use often so you help get some insulation. 


Leave your oven door open


Using your oven to cook can be a great way to heat up your whole home, but did you know that leaving the oven door slightly cracked will help warm up your home. Make sure there are no pets, children, or elderly house guests around while the door is open and the oven is hot, but if you’re able to keep it open, you may just be surprised by how much heat it can bring.


Home heating in New York


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