Why You Should Have an HVAC Service Company with Around the Clock Service

Why You Should Have an HVAC Service Company with Around the Clock Service

While heating and cooling systems are typically very reliable and trouble-free, the unexpected can and sometimes does happen. Since winters in New York tend to be extremely cold, it’s important that every New York home has coverage in the event of a heating outage and having a company you can trust on standby can be a game changer. Still not convinced? Keep reading to discover the benefits of around the clock service.

Heating systems don’t tend to break at predictable times

Home heating systems can break when you least expect it, and that tends to be at very inconvenient times like the middle of the night, during a snowstorm, or around the holidays. While we can’t control when our systems break, we can control which company we choose to work with, and the benefits of working with one who has around the clock service are undeniable.

Some fixes can be easy to fix with the right guidance

While it may be second nature to go to YouTube or Google to try and find a solution, you may be causing more harm than good. With a trained technician available 24/7, you can give them a call when something goes wrong and let them take it from there. They’ll assess whether they need to send someone to you directly or if they can help you resolve it yourself over the phone with step-by-step instructions from an expert.

Get help quickly in the event of an emergency

While the average temperatures in New York during winter months fall between 35- and 45-degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures do tend to drop unexpectedly and can get extremely cold. In fact, the coldest temperature ever recorded in New York State was negative 52 degrees Fahrenheit in 1979.

If your heating goes out during extreme cold days, during a snowstorm, or when temperatures are dropping quickly, it could get dangerous quicker than you’d expect. When this happens, pipes are at risk of freezing which would cause serious damage to your home and make for a dangerous situation for you and everyone you live with. That’s why working with a company that offers 24-hour HVAC service can be important for your family’s health and safety.

OSI Comfort Specialists

The best way to ensure your heating system is working efficiently at home is to schedule routine maintenance. Having a coverage plan that shields you from potentially costly repairs and having a company that can help 24/7 will give you the ultimate protection.

At OSI Comfort Specialists, we have a large service team with technicians on call in your area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even if your heating system shuts down or breaks at the most inconvenient times, you can count on our team to restore your heat promptly. To discuss HVAC services with an expert in New York from OSI Comfort Specialists or to learn how we can help you when you need it most, give us a call at 516-763-1400 today!


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