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OSI Comfort Specialists provides the very best in home comfort service. Our customers have the most comfortable homes and the lowest fuel consumption because we provide the most modern equipment and the most thorough maintenance services. OSI Comfort Specialists’ vision keeps our customers on the cutting edge. We integrate solar and geothermal energy with oil and natural gas through the use of advanced hybrid equipment and control systems. Consumption of fuel is minimized, but you sacrifice nothing in comfort or convenience. Our 70-plus years of experience has taught us to anticipate your every need. We maintain your equipment, simplify your payments, deliver your fuel automatically, and shield you from unchecked costs with our price protection and service plans. Our team stops at nothing to ensure your complete satisfaction. Every employee is courteous and knowledgeable. Technicians are thorough and neat, and they install equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. If you want only the best in home comfort, OSI Comfort Specialists is your company. Please call us today or contact us online to become a customer.

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OSI Comfort Specialists is a member of Angie’s List, a customer review site that helps consumers find high-quality companies. Angie’s List receives more than 40,000 new reviews each month, and we encourage our customers to participate so that others can learn about our services. You can visit Angie’s List at www.angieslist.com. If you have any questions, please call us at 516-763-1400.

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Four Generations of Service

The exceptional commitment that OSI Comfort Specialists demonstrates every day is a direct reflection of the Levi family’s mission through four generations. Morris Levi founded the company in Rockaway Beach in 1936, during the Great Depression. Neighbors helped neighbors in those days, and Mr. Levi was known to carry oil in five-gallon pails over snowdrifts to customers’ homes. When money was tight, he sometimes charged less than he paid himself for the oil. Morris was joined in the business by his son, Irving, and they were eventually joined by Irving’s sons, Martin, Richard and Alan. The fourth generation came on board when Richard’s son Michael joined the company. We succeed by setting high standards, hiring excellent people, and investing in expertise. We study new technologies intensively as they come to market, so that we can successfully deploy and support new products ahead of the competition. Our customers benefit with superior comfort, reduced fossil fuel consumption, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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