Payment Options

Balanced Billing

In our area, winters are cold, and they put a substantial load on your household budget for a few months every year. Rather than digging deep to pay all your heating bills during winter, you can take control with OSI Comfort Specialists’ Balanced Billing.


When you choose our Balanced Billing, we’ll check your account history and project your costs for the next 12-month period. If you’re protecting your equipment with an OSI Comfort Specialists Service Plan, we’ll roll those charges into your Balanced Billing total as well. Then we’ll divide your anticipated costs by 12 to determine your monthly payment.


You’ll know exactly what you will pay every month, and you can budget accordingly. The days of restructuring your budget to accommodate seasonal energy bills will be over!


You can also combine the Balanced Billing with our GAP Club Price Protection Program.

Home financing payment options

Pay Online

OSI Comfort Specialists makes bill paying easier with our Pay Online option. You can use your credit card to make a payment at any time of day using the secure payment gateway on this site. You can also pay by credit card over the phone during office hours.

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