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HVAC System Replacement & New Equipment

OSI Comfort Specialists simplifies customers’ lives by serving as a one-stop shop for all your comfort needs. We carry only the best in new and replacement HVAC products, because we want you to enjoy maximum comfort while conserving energy. If you’d like to incorporate alternative energy, we are prepared to help with new systems that integrate solar and geothermal with traditional heating, cooling and hot water equipment.


As an OSI Comfort Specialists Oil heat customer, you can choose from a range of valuable services that simplify your life and safeguard your home against heat outages. Our automatic delivery service frees you from watching your fuel gauge and calling for deliveries. Our Balanced Billing creates even monthly payments, so unscheduled fuel bills don’t disrupt your budget. Our Guaranteed Assured Pricing (GAP) Club shields you from energy price inflation, and our service contracts provide essential preventive maintenance and reduce repair costs.

High-Efficiency Heating Equipment

High-efficiency heating equipment for oil, natural gas, solar and geothermal. We install the best equipment from the U.S. and Europe, including traditional systems that seamlessly integrate with solar and geothermal. With no compromise in comfort or convenience, these systems help you minimize your consumption of oil or natural gas.


High-Efficiency Central Air Conditioning Systems

High-efficiency central air conditioning systems with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant will not damage the ozone layer. We sell the most advanced equipment from the world’s top manufacturers, so you can enjoy superior cooling while minimizing consumption of electricity.

High-Efficiency Hot Water Heaters

High-efficiency hot water heaters that use innovative technology to reduce energy consumption. You can choose from integrated heat/hot water systems that cut energy consumption by sharing a burner. Or you can choose our latest eco-friendly solar-heated units that integrate with gas or oil systems, so you replace fossil fuels with the free, renewable solar energy that comes from the sun.

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant Heating systems that deliver exceptionally comfortable heat – and warm floors. Radiant is the ultimate win-win, because it improves both fuel efficiency and comfort.

Pool & Spa Heaters

Pool & Spa Heaters from OSI Comfort Specialists are durable, reliable and efficient. If you’re adding or replacing a heater, we’ll provide superior service and installation, including follow-up instruction so that you know how to get the most from your new equipment. We also specializes in indoor pool dehumidification systems.

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Indoor Air Quality Systems

Indoor Air Quality systems such as whole-home air cleansers make your home more comfortable by cleaning the air and eliminating pollen, mold, allergens, dust and other airborne contaminants. We also specializes in indoor whole house humidification and dehumidification systems.

Water Purification Systems

Water purification systems cleanse your domestic water supply to make it suitable for all uses, including drinking. OSI Comfort Specialists’ water systems address every water problem, including discoloration, unpleasant taste, minerals, hard water and chemicals.

Programmable Thermostats

By using a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home according to a set schedule, you can cut energy costs by up to 3-5%! Plus, it’s an easy way to go green!

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