Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy You Can Count On

A growing number of our customers are reducing their use of traditional energy source by integrating alternative energy into their home energy supplies. Integrating alternative energy reduces both your energy costs and your home’s emissions


OSI Comfort Specialists partners with EmPower, of Island Park, N.Y. – the leading company for quality solar installations in our area – to install solar energy equipment in customers’ homes. Today’s solar systems are highly sound and reliable, and more affordable than ever. Plus, they integrate seamlessly with your Oilheat equipment.


One popular option is a solar hot water system that heats most or all of the hot water you need, even on a cloudy winter day. We can also install a solar electric system that converts the sun’s energy to electric current. Adding solar electric has never been so affordable, thanks to lower system cost, LIPA rebates, and tax credits. The LIPA rebates can pay for up to half of your system cost; federal tax credits subtract 30%; and NY State tax credits subtract an additional $5,000. For more information call or contact us online.

Solar Panel


There is heat stored under the earth’s surface that you can tap as geothermal energy. Geothermal energy has been used since the days of the Roman Empire to provide heating and hot baths, and it is used in countries like Iceland and Japan to generate electricity. Geothermal is free, renewable energy that can help heat a home when it is extracted from the earth using a geothermal heat pump. OSI Comfort Specialists installs geothermal heat pumps and integrates them into heat and hot water systems to minimize your use of fossil fuels. To find out whether geothermal can work for you, please give us a call or contact us online.

Geothermal Coils

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