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Over 65% of U.S. homes are currently under-insulated, not insulated and/or leaking an excessive amount of air and energy. If yours is one of those homes, you are wasting energy by leaking warm air out in the winter and cold air out in the summer.


OSI Comfort Specialists helps customers go green while enjoying maximum comfort with a “whole-home” approach to energy consumption. New Comfort Systems, our BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified home energy analysis division, will conduct an in-depth study of your home as an energy system, and produce a thorough report that addresses your insulation and sealing, your appliances, your heating and cooling systems, and more.

Building Performance Institute Accredited Contractor

New Comfort Systems uses sophisticated test equipment to evaluate your home’s sealing and the efficiency of your comfort systems. The company’s whole-home analysis develops a thorough picture of how much energy you use, how it is consumed, and how efficient your existing systems are. The areas tested include:


  • Air infiltration rates and insulation levels
  • Heating & hot water system efficiency
  • Distribution system (ductwork) – if applicable
  • Lighting & major appliances
  • Carbon Monoxide levels and/or moisture problems


New Comfort Systems will then develop a report that can become the basis for a new strategy of energy reduction and conservation, then we work with you to implement the plan – and take advantage of financial incentives such as federal tax credits.


To find out more or request an energy analysis, please call OSI Comfort Specialists today or contact us online.

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