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When heavy weather strikes, it can knock out your home’s electricity supply and leave you stranded in the dark and cold indefinitely. OSI Comfort Specialists can help you be prepared for storms and calamities with an emergency power generator that lets you ride out the event in comfort and style.


We’ll set up your generator to switch on automatically and deliver power just moments after you lose regular power. There is no need to step outside and activate the system, because the transition to backup power requires no intervention on your part. And when the power is finally restored, your generator will automatically switch off and return to standby mode.


We install generators in a wide range of sizes. The more powerful your unit is, the more power you’ll have available. We’ll be happy to review your needs and help you choose the right size for your home. Generators are powered by diesel, natural gas or propane, and OSI Comfort Specialists can assume responsibility for your supply so you’re always ready for the next storm.

Generac Home Generator

We recommend Generac generators

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OSI Comfort Specialists is a full-service Generac sales, installation and service company. Generac is the most trusted name in residential standby power – selling more home standby generators than all of their competitors combined. If the power ever goes out, your Generac standby generator goes on – automatically – protecting you and your home 24/7. Generac also features a line of durable portable generators.


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