Oil Tank Coverage

Heating oil tanks typically corrode from the inside out. Your tank may look perfectly fine from the outside but it could be wearing excessively thin. Our TankSure® testing (similar to a medical ultrasound) will allow us to give you a sense of security – or plenty of advance warning that a problem is on the horizon.

The TankSure program has numerous benefits for above-ground tanks.

Proactive $1,000 replacement warranty

  • Warranty covers a maximum of $1,000 toward the replacement of your tank
  • Proactive replacement of tanks before they leak
  • Helps protect the environment
  • Reduces unexpected costs

Ultrasonic inspection

  • Trained service technicians use ultrasonic equipment to test the thickness of your tank
  • Ultrasonic equipment detects the level of corrosion occurring inside your tank
Oil Tank

Scientific analysis and monitoring

  • Your tank’s thickness measurements, physical characteristics and surrounding environment will be analyzed with our state-of-the-art Tank Profiling Software
  • Tank information is analyzed for proactive replacement of individual tanks when they fall below the standard index

Tank inspection certificate

  • You may be eligible for a discount on your home insurance policy. Present your Tank Inspection Certificate to your broker and request a discount
  • Important documentation if you are selling your house

For more information or to enroll in TankSure, please call us or
contact us online.

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