Water Purification Products from Aqua-Pure

Water Purification You Can Count On

OSI Comfort Specialists helps customers cleanse impure or dirty water with a range of filtration products from Aqua-Pure, including whole-house filters, refrigerator filters, and drinking water systems. Whether you’re dealing with scale, hard water or rusty water, OSI Comfort Specialists has a solution.


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Glass of purified water
Cloudy, Discolored or Tinted Water
Clogged or Leaking Faucets
Dirt/RustWhole House Filters
Musty, Swampy Taste
Chlorine Taste in Water & Ice Cubes
Taste/OdorRefrigerator Filters
Build-up in Water Heater Tank
Banging Water Heater
ScaleHot Water System Protector
Soap Deposits on Dishes & Clothing
Soap Curds in Bathtub
Hard WaterWater Softeners
Red/brown Stains on Fixtures & Clothes
Metallic Taste
IronIron Removal
Lead Water Pipes
Chemical Contamination of Water
Chemicals/LeadDrinking Water Systems
Brackish Taste
Cloudy Ice Cubes
Deposits on Pots and Pans When Boiling Water
Dissolved SaltsReverse Osmosis

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